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There are plenty of reasons that you - and every other bill-paying Australian resident - gravitate toward the bigger named companies for services you need. For choosing a broadband provider, for example, people will hear Telstra and Optus first as they are well-known household names. But what about energy companies?

We all pay for gas and electricity to enable us to live and work comfortably. No matter who you choose, you need to find a provider that matches your needs and your budget.

Australia’s biggest energy retailers

In Australia, a robust energy network only works with the collaboration of the following players:

  • Generators: These powerhouses are responsible for creating the electricity or gas that fuels our daily lives.
  • Distributors: Acting as the delivery system, distributors use complex networks to transport energy to consumers, whether they're big industries or small households.
  • Retailers: These are the friendly faces we deal with when paying our energy bills. They purchase energy from generators and offer various plans and prices to suit our needs.
  • Multi-role energy suppliers: Companies like Origin Energy and AGL Energy wear multiple hats in the energy world. They not only generate energy but also sell it directly to consumers, making them versatile players in the market. Prioritise it.

Across Australia's energy scene, there are three companies known as the ‘Big Three’:

  • Origin Energy
  • AGL Energy
  • EnergyAustralia

It’s these companies that hold considerable sway across the energy market with the largest market share across most Australian states. According to the Australian Energy Retailer Retail Energy Market Performance Update 2022-2023, this is the list of Australian retailers with the largest market share in residential areas:

CompanyMarket Share
Alinta Energy5.5%
Aurora Energy3.5%
Energy Locals0.7%
Ergon Energy9.5%
Red Energy5.7%

Compare our retailers

At Compare Energy, we’re glad to work with retailers that offer a wide range of options for customers looking to manage their energy needs efficiently.

Each retailer brings unique plans and pricing options to the table and there are pros and cons for each of them. Whether you're seeking competitive rates, green energy solutions, or reliable customer service, Compare Energy retailers cater to a variety of preferences.

To find the best fit for your household, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the retailers we currently work with so that you can make the right choice.


AGL Energy is one of the country's oldest and largest energy providers. With a long history and a commitment to energy innovation, AGL supplies millions of residential and business customers across the nation.

As the second-largest integrated energy company in Australia, AGL has a varied portfolio of energy assets, encompassing coal, gas, and renewable sources. This mix positions AGL as a key player in the energy market, with a significant 22.3% retail market share.

AGL pros and cons

Discounts with AGL RewardsCredit card fees apply
Easy to use mobile appNo plans for ACT or TAS, gas only for WA
Bundling options for $$$ savingsNot among the cheapest in Australia
Live chat support availableIntends to burn coal until 2045
Carbon neutral options
Sign up bonuses available on selected plans
Range of billing options to ensure bill smoothing and monthly billings

AGL average electricity price by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)133.3679.20109.96108.14
Usage charge (c/kWh)32.1032.2846.7832.92

AGL average gas price by state

DistributorAllgas EnergyJemena GasAGN South AustraliaMultinet Main 1
Supply charge (c/MJ)155.9358.31100.16100.93
Usage charge (c/MJ)4.923.875.7192.00

Considering AGL for your electricity or gas needs? Contact us at Compare Energy, and our team will assist you in finding the perfect plan and seamlessly connect you to AGL's services.


Dodo isn't just about high-speed internet; they've also become a key player in Australia's energy market. Alongside offering NBN plans, phone, mobile, TV, and insurance services, Dodo has expanded to provide electricity and gas plans.

Operating under the name Dodo Power & Gas, M2 Energy Pty Ltd. serves approximately 90,000 customers in Australia. While this might seem modest, it represents a significant portion of the energy market, highlighting Dodo's growing influence.

Dodo's energy offerings are competitively priced and reliable, with numerous opportunities for customers to save on their gas bills. However, Dodo only supplies gas to two states: NSW and VIC.

Dodo pros and cons

Flexibility, no lock in contractsPoor environmental record with no active stance on climate change
Bundle discounts available for energy, Internet and phoneNo market electricity plans offered in SA
No connection or disconnection fees apply for existing customersVery limited choice of energy plans
GreenPower options for environmentally conscious customersNo mobile app for monitoring energy use

Dodo average electricity price by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)82.6670.07157.6981.10
Usage charge (c/kWh)28.2230.0939.0227.93

Dodo average gas price by state

DistributorJemena CoastalEnvestra
Supply charge (c/MJ)90.7797.81
Usage charge (c/MJ)6.535.11


EnergyAustralia provides energy to around 1.7 million customers across Australia, offering four variable rate plans, including solar options.

EnergyAustralia focuses on environmentally friendly options, including carbon-neutral plans, specialised solar solutions, and innovative energy management tools.

Contact Compare Energy today to start comparing EnergyAustralia's energy plans for a sustainable and affordable energy future.

EnergyAustralia pros and cons

Wide selection of plans to choose fromPlans above reference price in some states
Option to go carbon neutral at no extra costCredit card fees apply
Up to $150 sign up credit when signing up onlineNo energy plans for NT or WA
User friendly mobile app for easy energy monitoringPoor environmental record according to Greenpeace
Flexible payment optionsAustralia's second largest climate polluter
Live chat support available Plans to continue coal burning until 2040

EnergyAustralia average electricity price by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)115.5097.00104.50108.14101.86
Usage charge (c/kWh)33.5237.7547.2831.7431.47

Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy is a subsidiary of Snowy Hydro Ltd, a huge player in Australia's renewable energy sector. Focusing on electricity and gas plans in Victoria and South Australia, Lumo offers round-the-clock self-service support for its customers.

Lumo operates exclusively in VIC and SA, where its prices remain remarkably competitive, up to 23% lower than the reference price. Customers in South Australia can also enjoy Lumo Rewards, which provide discounts and vouchers from various retailers simply for being a Lumo customer.

Lumo Energy pros and cons

Refer a friend program: $100 for you and a friend if they sign upCustomers can only add 10% GreenPower to their plan
Fixed energy rates for 12 months (VIC customers)Low solar feed-in tariffs
100% Australian ownedNo mobile app to track usage
Rewards program for SA customersOnly offers plans to two states
Offers variable and fixed rate plans
Certified carbon neutral

Lumo Energy average electricity prices by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)99.9485.41
Usage charge (c/kWh)

Lumo Energy average gas prices by state

DistributorAGN MetroAusGas Networks
Supply charge (c/MJ)90.2081.93
Usage charge (c/MJ)4.603.67

Origin Energy

Origin Energy offers a range of natural gas and energy solutions tailored to Australians' needs, including solar panels and electric vehicle charging options.

Origin Energy is a main player in the Australian energy market, with more than 4.2 million customers served, offering around six market plans, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customer base.

Origin Energy pros and cons

Everyday Rewards with select plansCredit card fees apply
Manage your account online with the appNot available in NT or TAS
Up to $20/month discount on your energy bundle
Easipay payment plan
No lock in contracts or exit fees for small businesses

Origin Energy electricity prices by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)120.6083.1399.9489.2380.28
Usage charge (c/kWh)28.8531.9352.4925.3719.88

Origin Energy gas prices by state

DistributorAllGas EnergyJemena GasAust Gas NetworksAust Gas NetworksEvoenergy Gas
Supply charge (c/MJ)136.2077.9992.1374.3184.74
Usage charge (c/MJ)4.415.105.843.004.98

Red Energy

Renowned for its exceptional customer service and specialised plans for electric vehicle owners, Red Energy stands out in the energy market.

Red Energy works closely with Qantas to offer enticing rewards, too. By signing up for their electricity plans, customers can earn 10,000 Frequent Flyer points, while gas plan sign-ups earn 5,000 points.

Additional points can be earned by consistently paying bills on time, making Red Energy a good choice for those looking to earn rewards while managing their energy needs.

Red Energy pros and cons

100% Australian ownedApp doesn't allow plan management
Refer a friend programDoesn't cater to TAS, NT, WA
Electric vehicle owners can access free electricity use at the weekends between 12pm - 2pmNo discounts for paying on time
Frequent Flyer points with Qantas and Qantas Red Saver planSome of the Red Energy tariffs are on the higher side compared to other retailers
No lock in contractsFixed rates are not available
Opt-in for carbon neutral and GreenPower

Red Energy electricity prices by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)97.29121.00100.9585.80100.10
Usage charge (c/kWh)29.0935.1543.9725.7121.17

Red Energy gas prices by state

DistributorAust Gas NetworksJemena Coastal NetworksAGN MetroAust Gas NetworksEvoenergy
Supply charge (c/MJ)101.2076.99101.2081.9368.20
Usage charge (c/MJ)6.714.164.613.673.50


ENGIE offers a range of gas and electricity plans to customers across Australia, with the exception of TAS, NT, and ACT. Certain plans also offer discounts for members of automobile associations, movie enthusiasts, and seniors.

As a part of ENGIE, a global leader in the transition to a zero-carbon economy, ENGIE offers solutions to empower customers to effectively manage their energy consumption.

ENGIE pros and cons

Live chat support availableSome gas plans are only available with an electricity plan
100% carbon neutral with no add-ons or extra costsOverseas call centre
Mobile app available for easy plan managementNo plans in TAS, ACT or NT
No lock in contracts or exit fees
NRMA membership, movie tickets and other rewards available 
Customers can choose 100% GreenPower

ENGIE electricity prices by state

Supply charge (c/kWh)114.23100.89120.77108.13
Usage charge (c/kWh)33.6237.2745.7931.74

ENGIE gas prices by state

DistributorJemena GasAust Gas NetworksAust Gas Networks
Supply charge (c/MJ)61.9568.8888.98
Usage charge (c/MJ)6.398.104.27

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