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Hayley Lower

In New South Wales (NSW), there are two types of energy plans. There’s the Default Standing Offer, and Market Offers.

Energy providers offer competitive plans with their own pricing - the Market Offers. These plans often come with discounts and extra benefits. If you don't choose a plan, you'll be put on a Default Standing Offer, which might be costlier.

In NSW, you can get energy bundles from one provider or separate electricity and gas plans from different providers. Separate plans could be cheaper, while bundles offer convenience. Explore the best electricity providers in your area for more information.

How to compare electricity prices in NSW

At Compare Energy, we’re here to help you compare electricity prices in NSW so that you get the best possible deal. There are a few things to consider when comparing electricity prices in NSW and these include:

Check your usage rates/supply charges

Look for the cheapest kWh rates and daily supply charges, as these affect your bill more than the total cost.

Refer to the reference price

This benchmark helps you see if a plan is cheaper than others, but ensure it's based on the same energy usage.

Look at your current electricity usage

Plans depend on your energy usage, so compare based on the same usage to get an accurate comparison.

Pick the right tariff

Choose a tariff that suits your consumption habits, like single-rate, time-of-use, solar feed-in, or controlled load. Some may need a smart meter.

Double check the benefit period

Some introductory electricity plans have a validity period, so note when it ends to avoid rolling onto a more expensive plan.

What about solar?

If you have solar panels, check the provider’s solar feed-in tariff for what they pay you for surplus electricity.

Once you have taken all of these factors into account, take a look at speaking to one of our experts at Compare Energy.

Cheapest electricity providers in NSW

In New South Wales (NSW), electricity prices can differ between areas depending on which energy providers are available. To find the best and most affordable plan for your needs, consider comparing electricity options in NSW.

Our energy comparison service allows you to estimate total costs and find the cheapest electricity provider in your area. Some of the cheapest electricity providers in NSW include:

  • ENGIE. ENGIE has rapidly grown to become one of Australia's leading energy providers.
  • Red Energy. Under the ownership of Snowy Hydro, Red Energy stands out for offering some of the most appealing sign-up incentives in the energy sector.
  • Dodo. Although Dodo is renowned for its internet offerings in Australia, it has also become a prominent energy and electricity provider in the country. Dodo Energy, a division of the Dodo brand, oversees its energy services.

How to compare gas plans in NSW

Gas plans are similar to electricity plans in how they're structured. When comparing gas plans, you'll focus on:

Usage and supply rates

These are the cost per unit of gas you use and the daily charge for being connected to the gas network, typically measured in cents per megajoule (c/MJ).

Conditional discounts

These are discounts that apply if certain conditions are met, like paying on time.

Contract length

How long your plan lasts, including any benefit periods for discounts or fixed rates.

Fees and charges

Additional costs like late payment fees or connection fees.

To find the right plan, consider your household's gas usage. If you use a lot, prioritise lower usage rates. If you use less, focus on lower supply rates.

Cheapest gas providers in NSW

In New South Wales, there are over 1.3 million natural gas customers, and if you're among them, you might have noticed that gas prices have risen in recent years. Finding affordable natural gas can be challenging, as many energy companies focus more on electricity.

To help you navigate your options and potential savings, Compare Energy has compiled a list of the most cost-effective natural gas retailers in NSW.

  • AGL. AGL, which stands for Australian Gas Light Company, provides customised energy plans based on your electricity and gas needs, all without requiring a long-term contract. They offer monthly billing options for better cost management and a mobile app to track your energy usage and make plan changes conveniently.
  • Dodo. Although Dodo is renowned for its internet offerings in Australia, it has also become a prominent gas provider in the country. Dodo Energy, a division of the Dodo brand, oversees its energy services.
  • EnergyAustralia. EnergyAustralia provides environmentally friendly options such as carbon-neutral plans and dedicated solar solutions, along with cutting-edge energy management tools.

How to find the best energy plans in NSW

When comparing energy plans in NSW, it's important to consider various factors. Look for providers with reliable customer service and support through a quality call centre.

Ensure you receive accurate and transparent billing statements. Also, consider the flexibility of their plans and any additional services they offer beyond basic energy plans.

Taking these factors into account can help you find the best energy plan for your needs. Reach out to the team at Compare Energy to talk through the best plans and their providers.

What energy rebates and concessions are available in NSW?

Living in New South Wales (NSW) may make you eligible for the following rebates or concessions:

  • Family Energy Rebate: Discounts available for recipients of the Family Tax Benefit.
  • Low-Income Household Rebate: Concessions offered to pensioners, seniors, veterans, and families facing bill payment difficulties.
  • Life Support Rebate: Discounts for individuals using energy-intensive life support equipment.
  • Medical Energy Rebate: Rebates available for those medically unable to regulate their body temperature.
  • NSW Gas Rebate: Rebates for eligible pensioners, veterans, and low-income natural gas and LPG customers.
  • Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA): Eligible customers can receive payment assistance of up to $400 per application for electricity and gas bills twice a year.
  • Seniors Energy Rebate: Designed for independent self-funded retirees to assist with covering electricity costs.

Greenest energy providers in NSW

As Australia grapples with a significant energy challenge, the transition to renewable energy sources becomes increasingly important.

If you're passionate about renewables, you may be seeking an energy provider that offers GreenPower to reduce your household's emissions or one that supports solar panels. Regardless of your preferences, thorough research is essential to find a competitively priced plan.

To assist with our choice of the greenest energy provider in NSW, we looked at the providers on our panel of retailers and determined two factors:

  • Providers offer 100% GreenPower
  • Zero links to coal, gas, or oil extraction or power generation

Here is our pick for greenest energy provider in NSW:

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by promoting solar power and developing new green technologies.

With affordable plans and flexible payment options, OVO makes the switch to clean, renewable electricity easy. Embracing clean energy, like wind and solar power, is central to OVO’s mission, and it actively promotes these technologies through partnerships with organisations like RE100 and WWF.

If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint and support the environment, switching to OVO can make a meaningful difference.


How do I switch providers?

When considering a switch of energy providers, several steps are essential to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Start by reviewing your current plan's exit fees.
  • Next, establish your energy needs to determine the most suitable plan for your situation.
  • Compare deals available in your area to find the best option. Once decided, proceed to switch energy providers, keeping in mind that your old provider may contact you during this process.
  • After switching, expect to receive a welcome pack from your new retailer. A final metre reading will be conducted, and your new provider will get in touch with you to finalise the transition.
  • Finally, ensure you gain access to any special features of your new plan and remain engaged with your energy usage, rather than simply setting and forgetting.
How can I save money on energy?

Choosing the right energy plan can lead to significant savings. While price is crucial when comparing plans, it's not the only factor to consider. Energy plans can vary widely in cost, and the potential savings depend on your energy consumption patterns. By evaluating both price and usage patterns, you can find a plan that offers the best value for your specific needs.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a digital device that tracks a home's energy usage in at least 30-minute intervals and transmits this data to the energy retailer, typically on a daily basis. While residents can access this information, it is not displayed directly on the meter, requiring additional steps to read.

How is energy charged in NSW?

The total amount on your energy bill is determined by multiplying the energy you've used in kilowatt-hours (kWh) by the price per unit of energy.

What is the average energy bill in NSW?

The average energy bill in NSW sits around $1,265 retail. However, this amount is a wholesale figure and not a usage figure. You can check your energy bills for a breakdown on what you pay and this can vary based on factors such as the number of occupants in the household and their lifestyle choices.

How can I compare NSW energy rates?

With the help of our Compare Energy team, you can learn the best energy rates in NSW. Give us a call today.