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Hayley Lower

As a former regulated energy territory, the ACT has undergone significant reforms regarding its electricity offerings. 

These reforms include the implementation of 100% renewable energy infrastructure and the introduction of a 'capped' price for power in late 2021, providing Canberrans with more options when selecting a powerful plan.

In the ACT, the government sets the prices for standing electricity offers, known as the Default Market Offer (DMO). These plans do not include discounts and can change every six months. 

In deregulated areas, customers can choose their energy provider, leading to more competitive market offers with discounts and fixed price periods. This gives you the freedom to find a plan that suits your needs in ACT.

Compare electricity prices in ACT

At Compare Energy, our mission is to help you compare electricity prices in ACT and find the best deal tailored to your needs. Here are some important factors to consider when comparing electricity prices in ACT:

  • Evaluate your energy usage rates and supply charges to find plans with the lowest kWh rates and daily supply charges, ultimately reducing your overall bill.
  • Use the reference price as a comparison tool, ensuring it reflects similar energy usage for an accurate assessment of plan competitiveness.
  • Analyse your actual energy usage to effectively compare plans and identify the most suitable option.
  • Select a tariff that aligns with your consumption patterns, such as single-rate, time-of-use, solar feed-in, or controlled load tariffs. Note that some tariffs may require a smart meter.
  • Check the benefit period of any introductory plans to avoid transitioning to a more expensive option once the initial period ends.
  • If you have solar panels, review the provider's solar feed-in tariff to understand how much you'll receive for surplus electricity.

After considering these factors, ‌contact one of our experts at Compare Energy for further assistance in finding the best electricity plan for you.

Who are the ACT’s cheapest electricity providers?

To find the most cost-effective electricity provider in Canberra, it's essential to compare energy plans and providers for your postcode across the territory.

Among the competitive options are:

  • Origin Energy. Origin Energy offers natural gas and energy solutions to Australians, including solar panels and electric vehicle charging, catering to a wide range of energy needs.
  • Red Energy. Red Energy is dedicated to promoting renewable energy in Australia by matching customers' electricity usage with an equivalent unit of renewable energy added to the grid on their behalf. As a subsidiary of Snowy Hydro, Red Energy offers some of the most compelling sign-up incentives in the energy industry.

Comparing gas plans in ACT

Gas plans are structured similarly to electricity plans, with several key factors to consider when comparing options:

  • Service and support: Assess the ease of application or switching between plans.
  • Billing and payments: Review billing frequency and online payment options.
  • Plan flexibility: Seek competitive solar feed-in tariffs.

To select the most suitable plan, evaluate your household's gas consumption. For high usage, prioritise plans with lower usage rates. For lower consumption, focus on plans with lower supply rates.

Who are ACT’s cheapest gas providers?

The cheapest provider for you will depend on your specific gas consumption, location, and any special offers or promotions available at the time of enquiry. 

It's recommended to compare quotes from multiple providers and consider your specific needs to find the most cost-effective option for you in ACT.

  • Origin Energy. Origin Energy provides natural gas and energy solutions to Australians, offering services such as solar panels and electric vehicle charging to meet diverse energy requirements.
  • Red Energy. Red Energy is committed to advancing renewable energy in Australia by matching customers' electricity usage with an equivalent unit of renewable energy added to the grid on their behalf. As a subsidiary of Snowy Hydro, Red Energy offers some of the most appealing sign-up incentives in the energy sector.

Finding the best energy plans in ACT

When comparing energy providers in ACT, keep these three key factors in mind:

  • Price: There's often an opportunity to find a better energy plan, especially if you haven't switched providers in over a year. Use our comparison service to discover the best available price in your area.
  • Discounts: Providers may offer discounts or percentages less than the ACT Default Offer (DMO), which is a government benchmark for comparing energy plans.
  • Hidden costs: Review the terms and conditions of each provider carefully, as there may be additional charges not immediately visible. These can include connection/disconnection fees, meter reading fees, credit card charges, and late fees.

ACT energy rebates and concessions

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), there are various energy rebates and concessions available to eligible residents to help with their energy costs. These include:

  • Electricity Rebate: Provides financial assistance to eligible low-income households to help with electricity costs.
  • Gas Rebate: Offers a rebate to eligible low-income households to assist with gas costs.
  • Utilities Concession: Provides financial assistance to eligible pensioners, low-income families, and individuals to help with electricity, gas, and water bills.
  • Life Support Rebate: Offers a rebate on electricity costs for eligible customers who use life support equipment at home.
  • Medical Cooling and Heating Concession: Provides a rebate for the cost of electricity or gas for heating and cooling for eligible customers with certain medical conditions.
  • Family Energy Rebate: Offers a rebate to eligible households with dependent children to help with energy costs.

These rebates and concessions are subject to eligibility criteria and application processes, so it's important to check with the relevant authorities or energy providers for specific details and how to apply.

Greenest energy providers in ACT

As Australia grapples with a significant energy challenge, the transition to renewable energy sources becomes increasingly important. 

If you're passionate about renewables, you may be seeking an energy provider that offers GreenPower to reduce your household's emissions or one that supports solar panels. Regardless of your preferences, thorough research is essential to find a competitively priced plan. 

Here is our pick for greenest energy provider in ACT:


ActewAGL provides two types of accredited GreenPower options. One allows you to pay for a set amount of green energy daily, while the other ensures that between 10 and 200% of your energy usage is offset by green and renewable sources. 

ActewAGL is committed to reducing reliance on fossil fuel energy sources and maintains a high level of transparency regarding its energy practices.


How do I switch providers?

When considering a switch of energy providers, several steps are essential to ensure a smooth transition. 

  • Start by reviewing your current plan's exit fees. 
  • Next, establish your energy needs to determine the most suitable plan for your situation.
  • Compare deals available in your area to find the best option. Once decided, proceed to switch energy providers, keeping in mind that your old provider may contact you during this process.
  • After switching, expect to receive a welcome pack from your new retailer. A final metre reading will be conducted, and your new provider will get in touch with you to finalise the transition. 
  • Finally, ensure you gain access to any special features of your new plan and remain engaged with your energy usage, rather than simply setting and forgetting.

How can I save money on energy?

Choosing the right energy plan can lead to significant savings. While price is crucial when comparing plans, it's not the only factor to consider. Energy plans can vary widely in cost, and the potential savings depend on your energy consumption patterns. By evaluating both price and usage patterns, you can find a plan that offers the best value for your specific needs.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a digital device that tracks a home's energy usage in at least 30-minute intervals and transmits this data to the energy retailer, typically on a daily basis. While residents can access this information, it is not displayed directly on the meter, requiring additional steps to read.

How is energy charged in ACT?

The total amount on your energy bill is determined by multiplying the energy you've used in kilowatt-hours (kWh) by the price per unit of energy.

What is the average energy bill in ACT?

The average energy bill in ACT sits around $2,081 retail. However, this amount is a wholesale figure and not a usage figure. You can check your energy bills for a breakdown on what you pay and this can vary based on factors such as the number of occupants in the household and their lifestyle choices.

How can I compare ACT energy rates?

With the help of our Compare Energy team, you can learn the best energy rates in ACT. Give us a call today.