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Momentum Energy is a boutique energy provider operating in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

Despite being owned by a renewable energy generator, Momentum Energy sources its power from the National Electricity Market (NEM). The NEM is a mix of electricity generated from various sources, including fossil fuels.

As a result, the electricity supplied by Momentum Energy is not necessarily from renewable sources.

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About Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy, an Australian company owned by Hydro Tasmania, boasts of being the country's largest renewable electricity producer.

It provides electricity to residences and small businesses in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia, along with natural gas services in Victoria.

Momentum Energy prides itself on its commitment to renewable energy, earning a high rank in Greenpeace's Green Electricity Guide.

It emphasises its exceptional customer service and transparent, fair energy rates.

Momentum Energy pros and cons

Australia-based customer supportCheaper plans only offer payments via Direct Debit
Option for SmoothPay available
Refer a Friend gets you both $50 each

Momentum Energy electricity and gas plans

If you're thinking about switching to Momentum Energy plans, take a look at the table below to check whether it offers the plan you need in your state:

VIC✅ ✅ 

Momentum Energy offers a couple of energy plans, but currently it has a Warm Welcome plan that comes with a $100 credit.

For those passionate about renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint, Momentum Energy could be an appealing option.

While Momentum still sells electricity sourced from fossil fuels like other retailers, it has a clear vision to contribute to Australia's transition towards greater energy sustainability.

Momentum Energy plans are variable, spanning both electricity and gas.

Momentum Energy electricity plans

Momentum Energy aims to create a positive energy experience for its customers, leveraging its parent company, Hydro Tasmania, Australia's largest renewable generator. It claims its energy plans come with "good vibes built in." Here's a breakdown of Momentum Energy's plans:

  • Warm Welcome: Exclusive to new customers, this plan offers a $100 welcome credit. Electricity rates are 22% lower than the VDO, and it includes the option for families to automate their payments with Direct Debit.
  • Nothing Fancy: This plan requires customers to pay bills through direct debit and opt for e-billing and e-communication.
  • Suit Yourself: This variable rate plan has no discounts but includes 10% GreenPower.
  • EV Does It: Designed for current electric vehicle owners, this plan offers a $100 charging voucher, lower off-peak rates, and is 16% cheaper than the current VDO.

Momentum Energy's rates are determined by the distribution network in the state and city specified below. Take note that your specific rates and costs with Momentum Energy may differ based on your individual circumstances.

Momentum Energy electricity rates NSW

Nothing Fancy ElectricitySuit Yourself Electricity & Standing Offer
Discount off the reference price4%Equal to the reference price
Daily supply charge142.45c/day143.88c/day
Usage rates31.57c/kWh33.22c/kWh
Estimated annual cost$1,750/year$1,820/year
Valid May 2024

Momentum Energy electricity rates VIC

Nothing Fancy ElectricitySuit Yourself Electricity
Discount off the reference price3%Same as the reference price
Daily supply charge114.07c/day115.28c/day
Usage rates27.28c/kWh28.71c/kWh
Estimated annual cost$1,430/year$1,480/year
Valid May 2024

Momentum Energy electricity rates QLD

Nothing Fancy ElectricitySuit Yourself & Standing Offer Electricity
Discount off the reference price5%Same as the reference price
Daily supply charge150.26c/day151.80c/day
Usage rates29.04c/kWh30.58c/kWh
Estimated annual cost$1,890/year$1,960/year
Valid May 2024

Momentum Energy electricity rates SA

Nothing Fancy ElectricitySuit Yourself & Standing Offer Electricity
Discount off the reference price4%Same as reference price
Daily supply charge142.45c/day143.88c/day
Usage rates31.57c/kWh33.22c/kWh
Estimated annual cost$1,750/year$1,820/year

Momentum Energy gas plans

Momentum Energy sells natural gas exclusively in Victoria, not in any other state. Its natural gas plans are open contracts with no credit card or exit fees.

Unlike some other providers, Momentum Energy does not offer conditional discounts on its natural gas plans. Instead, it uses a block-rate tariff, where the gas rate decreases as usage increases.

Customers should also note that rates may be slightly higher during 'peak' months from June to September.

Momentum Energy gas rates VIC

Nothing Fancy GasSuit Yourself GasStanding Offer Gas
Daily supply charge106.81c/day106.82c/day112.44c/day
Usage rates2.53 - 3.41c/MJ3.30 - 4.62c/MJ4.01 - 5.59c/MJ
Estimated annual cost$1,080/year$1,320/year$1,530/year

Does Momentum Energy offer solar plans?

Households with solar panels can benefit from a higher solar feed-in tariff by opting for Momentum Energy's Solar and Friends plan.

While the Solar and Friends plan doesn't offer a discount off the reference price, households that export a significant amount of solar energy to the grid can offset this with solar credits and a higher feed-in tariff.

Aside from the higher feed-in tariff, the Solar and Friends plan includes:

  • Flexible bill payment options
  • Flexible billing options
  • $0 exit fees and an ongoing benefit period
  • Various ways to contact Momentum Energy
  • A promise to match renewable energy

While Momentum Energy offers reasonable feed-in tariffs for customers with solar systems, other retailers may offer better solar products. Here's what you can expect for the solar feed-in tariff on its standing offer, depending on your state:


Billing information

Momentum Energy's Bill Boss service is exclusive to Victoria. Similar to Momentum Energy's Self Serve, Bill Boss requires eBilling, but it offers flexibility in choosing your bill payment method and how you can contact Momentum Energy.

Key features of Momentum Energy Bill Boss include:

  • Flexible bill payment options
  • eBilling only (no paper bills)
  • No fixed term, and an ongoing benefit period
  • Flexible ways to contact Momentum Energy
  • A promise to match renewable energy

As a larger retailer, Momentum Energy provides customers with various billing and payment options, including:

  • Phone: Call 1300 662 778 between 8 am and 7 pm Monday to Friday to pay your bill over the phone.
  • Direct Debit: Set up Direct Debit through MyAccount (under Plans & Payment) or by calling Momentum Energy.
  • Online: Pay your bill online using Momentum Energy's online payment tool. Please note, credit card fees may apply.
  • BPAY: Log in to your online bank account, select BPAY, and enter the biller code and reference number from your bill.
  • In Person: Pay at the post office through AusPost Bill Pay.
  • Mail: Print or detach the 'payment options' part of your bill and mail it with a cheque or money order to the address on the slip.
  • Centrepay: If you receive Centrelink payments, you can arrange for your energy bill costs to be deducted from this payment. This can be set up through your Centrelink account at no additional cost.

Switching to Momentum Energy

Switching to Momentum Energy from your current provider is a breeze with Compare Energy. Just give us a call at 1300 613 951, and our experts will help you explore Momentum Energy options step by step.

We'll walk you through signing up and address any questions you have about Momentum Energy plans. Switching energy providers is straightforward with Compare Energy, and we'll help you start saving on your Momentum Energy plans in no time.

Compare Momentum Energy plans with Compare Energy

At Compare Energy, we're here to help you find the best Momentum Energy plan. We've made comparing energy providers easy and hassle-free, so you can make the right choice with confidence.

Contact Compare Energy today, and we'll assist you every step of the way.

Momentum Energy FAQs

Is Momentum Energy Australia-wide?

No, Momentum Energy offers electricity plans in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA with gas plans in VIC only.

Are there GreenPower options with Momentum Energy?

GreenPower is available only to customers on Momentum Energy's standard contracts. The Suit Yourself offer automatically includes 10% GreenPower as part of the plan. GreenPower is a government-accredited program that allows customers to support renewable energy generation.

While customers can sign up for GreenPower with most retailers, it doesn't mean that their home is powered by renewable energy. Instead, it indicates that the retailer commits to sourcing an equivalent portion of its electricity from accredited renewable generators for the National Grid, albeit at slightly higher rates

Is Momentum Energy Australian owned?

Momentum Energy is proudly Australian-owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania, a prominent player in clean energy.

Hydro Tasmania is renowned as the largest producer of renewable energy in Australia, highlighting Momentum Energy's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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