Momentum Energy: Moving house made easy

Organising your move online is quick and easy when moving with Momentum Energy. Whether you’re a new customer or an old one, the process is not made to be difficult. In fact, Momentum Energy is proud that it takes just five minutes.

Momentum Energy guarantees your electricity will be on when you need it. If not, there is an optional product on offer called Move In-surance, which has you covered.

Customers can book their connection for a business day by 12pm the previous business day, and Momentum Energy takes care of the rest. If something goes wrong, you'll receive a $100 credit on your electricity bill.

About Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy, an Australian company owned by Hydro Tasmania, stands out as the nation's largest producer of renewable electricity.

Serving homes and small businesses across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia, Momentum Energy also offers natural gas services in Victoria.

Momentum Energy is dedicated to sustainability, receiving top marks in Greenpeace's Green Electricity Guide for its renewable energy commitment.

Momentum Energy: Getting connected

It’s easy getting connected with Momentum Energy; it’s all in the planning. Electricity customers should sign up before 12pm on a business day to get a next day connection. Any time after that or outside of business hours means you could be waiting two business days. If you need an expedited connection, call us directly to get your connection done.

Gas disconnections are pretty rare so you should be connected the day that you ask. Momentum uses the moving date that you provide at sign-up to schedule a meter reading in advance. If your gas is disconnected, Momentum Energy works with your distributor to get you reconnected, so allow 48 hours to be reconnected (depending on public holidays, etc).

If you’re a new customer, talk to the team at Compare Energy to get the information you need on the right plans for your home.

Momentum Energy: Move In-surance

Momentum Energy makes a point of giving customers a priority service for connecting their electricity. As long as it fits within the provided timeframes, it guarantees to connect your electricity on the requested day.

If it doesn't work out, customers can claim a $100 (GST incl) credit on their electricity bill.

What is Move In-surance?

Momentum Energy handles thousands of moves annually, and the team is confident in their process. However, if things don't go as planned, it also offers Move In-surance.

Move In-surance is the assurance that if customers request a connection on a specific day, the team will make it happen. If it doesn’t goto plan, customers can claim a credit on their electricity bill.

Move In-surance only applies to business day connections booked by 12pm the business day before (check for state public holidays where the property is) and when you book the move directly with Momentum Energy.

Customers must be a residential customer moving into a property that hasn’t been disconnected for more than 12 months. It’s also your responsibility to ensure clear, safe access to the meter and turn off the main switch before 7am on connection day.

Contact Compare Energy

If you’re looking to get connected to Momentum Energy, give the team at Compare Energy a call. We’ll make sure that you are confident about your move.