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ActewAGL, is a partnership between the ACT Government-owned Actew Corporation and AGL, Australia's largest electricity generator. Actew Corporation is now known as Icon Water.

ActewAGL has been serving the Canberra region for over a century, with its start in 1915 with the construction of the Kingston Powerhouse to power the new national capital.

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About ActewAGL

ActewAGL supplies energy to Canberra and nearby areas in southeast NSW like Queanbeyan, Goulburn, the Snowys, Nowra, and the South Coast.

Actewagl is engaged in various renewable energy projects and is certified carbon neutral. Through its partner Solarhub, ActewAGL sells and installs solar panels and battery storage in the ACT.

ActewAGL currently manages more than 195,000 residential and business accounts in ACT and NSW, along with 145,000 gas accounts. Interestingly, ActewAGL traces its roots back to 1915 through its predecessor companies.

ActewAGL pros and cons

Accredited GreenPower energy supplierPoor environmental record

Option to pay for up to 200% carbon offset - at a price

Some plans match the reference price, so it may not offer the best value
Range of plans on offer including solarDaily supply charges are high
Generous solar feed-in tariffNo phone app
Discounts for customers who bundle gas and electricityGreenChoice Plan options can be expensive

ActewAGL electricity and gas plans

If you're thinking about switching to ActewAGL plans, take a look at the table below to check whether it offers the plan you need in your state:

NSW✅ ✅ 
ACT✅ ✅ 

ActewAGL only caters to two states but it does offer the option of bundling both gas and electricity into one plan. This is convenient for customers to pay their utilities in one place.

ActewAGL plans are variable, spanning both electricity and gas, and without further discounts.

ActewAGL electricity plans

ActewAGL offers straightforward plans for those who prefer simplicity, as well as specialised plans for solar, battery, and electric vehicle owners.

All plans include various payment options, including EvenPay, which spreads energy bills into consistent, manageable payments.

The electricity-only plans include:

  • Simple Saver. The Simple Saver plan offers no lock-in contracts and provides single rate pricing. Homes with solar systems benefit from a generous solar feed-in tariff, receiving credits for exporting surplus electricity to the grid. Controlled load pricing is also available for homes with a separate controlled load element.
  • Solar Saver. The Solar Saver plan is designed to maximise the benefits of your solar system. It offers an attractive solar feed-in tariff, allowing you to earn credits for exporting surplus electricity back to the grid.
  • Battery Saver. The Battery Saver plan is perfect for maximising the value of your solar and battery system. It uses Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology to enhance grid reliability during peak times and extreme weather. To qualify, you need an eligible Tesla Powerwall 2 or SolarEdge/LG Chem HV battery system at your address and agree to the VPP terms..
  • evEnergy Saver. The evEnergy Saver plan offers ACT electric vehicle owners exclusive benefits and savings, including four hours of free EV charging every weekend. To qualify, you'll need a smart meter, which can be arranged by a local Energy Consultant at no extra cost.
  • Standard Plan. The default plan, known as the standard plan, is a straightforward and dependable choice designed for those who prefer simplicity. It's automatically assigned to customers who haven't selected a different plan. This option is open to residential and small business customers in both the ACT and NSW.

ActewAGL gas plans

ActewAGL offers natural gas services in Canberra and select areas of NSW. Gas contracts are based on a standard offer without standalone discounts.

  • Gas plans. Choose gas plans for straightforward pricing and excellent rates on gas supply and usage. Customers can add a Carbon Neutral Gas option to any gas account for a small monthly fee to reduce their home's carbon footprint and offset emissions.

Customers who bundle both electricity and gas may qualify for a guaranteed discount, subject to location.

Does ActewAGL offer solar plans?

ActewAGL's Solar Saver program offers a competitive solar feed-in tariff. Customers will receive 10c/kWh for the first 10kWh of daily solar energy exported to the grid.

For any additional solar energy exported beyond that, you'll still get a respectable 6c/kWh feed-in tariff rate.

Residents in the ACT and nearby regions can easily acquire solar panels, inverters, and storage systems through SolarHub and the ActewAGL Smart Energy Hub.

ActewAGL Energy Bar

ActewAGL aspires to be a one-stop shop for all things energy. To that end, it has its own Energy Bar where customers can discuss and buy a range of products such as reverse cycle air conditioners, natural gas heating, evaporative ducted cooling, gas log fires, and hot water systems, all installed by an expert team.

In addition to its products, ActewAGL provides various support services, including gas and electrical repairs. Its expert services cover maintenance for hot water systems, heating, switchboards, smoke detectors, power points, and more.

ActewAGL also strives to assist customers beyond just selling products and services. The website offers plenty of advice to help customers understand their bills better and reduce their energy consumption.

Billing information

ActewAGL offers customers the chance to make payments easily, including using ePayPlus. This offers a range of monitoring and account management tools for customers:

  • Receive bills online with email notifications
  • View account history and past bill details
  • Pay your account online
  • Estimate utility spending to date
  • Update personal details
  • Subscribe to special offers and latest news

The ePayPlus app simplifies bill payment, but ActewAGL offer various other options too:

  • Online via ePayPlus
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card via phone
  • BPAY
  • Cheque via mail
  • In-store at ActewAGL or Australia Post offices

Switching to ActewAGL

Switching to ActewAGL from your current provider is a breeze with Compare Energy. Just give us a call at 1300 613 951, and our experts will help you explore ActewAGL options step by step.

We'll walk you through signing up and address any questions you have about ActewAGL plans. Switching energy providers is straightforward with Compare Energy, and we'll help you start saving on your ActewAGL plans in no time.

Compare ActewAGL plans with Compare Energy

At Compare Energy, we're here to help you find the best ActewAGL plan. We've made comparing energy providers easy and hassle-free, so you can make the right choice with confidence.

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  • Is ActewAGL Australia-wide?

No, ActewAGL only serves ACT and areas of NSW

  • Are there GreenPower options with ActewAGL?

Customers can choose ActewAGL's GreenChoice program, where the company buys renewable electricity on their behalf from government-accredited sources. This renewable energy is then fed into the grid.

The program offers two options: fixed-use, where ActewAGL buys a set amount of green energy daily, and percentage-based, where customers choose a percentage of their electricity usage to be matched with GreenPower at a cost of 6.6c per kWh.

  • Is ActewAGL Australian owned?

Yes, the company was set up as a joint venture between AGL and the ACT-owned ACTEW (now Icon Water).

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