ActewAGL: Moving house made easy

Moving to a new house? Just built your very own home and need to get your connection activated? If you are currently an ActewAGL customer, it helps to know how to move your service from one place to the next.

About ActewAGL

ActewAGL provides energy to Canberra and nearby areas in southeast NSW, including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, the Snowys, Nowra, and the South Coast.

The company is involved in renewable energy projects and is certified as carbon neutral. Through its partner Solarhub, ActewAGL offers solar panels and battery storage installations in the ACT.

ActewAGL manages over 195,000 residential and business accounts in the ACT and NSW, as well as 145,000 gas accounts. The company's origins can be traced back to 1915 through its predecessor companies.

Same-day connection service for ACT customers

One of the positive things about being an ActewAGL customer in the ACT is that you get a stress-free moving experience. Customers looking to ActewAGL moving house services will be reassured by the fact that there is a same-day connection service available.

Customers who submit an online request before 1pm, or call the main helpline before 2pm, get to have their power connected on the same day. Note, this is only possible when you meet the following criteria:

  • This is available to homes on an established ACT residential site.
  • You’ve made the request on a business day, not a weekend.
  • This request is only for electricity customers.
  • There is safe and unhindered meter access.
  • Connection instructions are followed.

There are some circumstances where your ACT home may not be eligible for same-day connection, and those include:

  • It has been over 12 months since electricity was connected.
  • The property is deemed unsafe.
  • The meter is inaccessible or not in working order.
  • Incorrect address or date information was provided.

There are also circumstances beyond ActewAGL’s control, such as adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that can cause a delay to your connection. So, it’s important to provide at least three business days notice of your move-in date to allow your connection to go smoothly.

Next day connection service for NSW customers

New South Wales customers don't miss out with ActewAGL moving house services. In fact, while you may not be eligible for same-day connections, you are eligible for a next day service.

In New South Wales, the next-day connection of your electricity is guaranteed when you book online before 2pm on any given business day. The criteria includes:

  • Connection requests for the next day must be made before 2 pm online or before 3 pm by phone.
  • This service is for electricity supply only.
  • Residents have to ensure safe access to the electricity meter.
  • If the electricity has not yet been connected, residents must turn off the power switch on the switchboard.

Again, there are some situations where you may be ineligible for electricity connection next-day and these include:

  • The house has been without electricity for 12 months or more.
  • The property itself and the land has been deemed unsafe.
  • There are delays that are beyond ActewAGL’s control (weather, etc)
  • The meter has been removed
  • The current meter is not compliant or not working
  • The address/connection date has not been properly provided

Need to switch to ActewAGL?

At Compare Energy, we’re here to help you to get connected to your new provider. If you’re looking to move house and want to switch to ActewAGL, give our team a call.