ENGIE: Moving house made easy

ENGIE offers a Moving Home Guarantee to make sure its customers get the services they deserve when connecting in a new house. Existing customers moving within ENGIE’s service area benefit from the guarantee that they’ll have their electricity and gas connected at the new address on their chosen moving day.

If ENGIE fails to connect your energy on time, the team will credit your account a bonus. To qualify for this guarantee, you need to notify ENGIE at least 3 business days before your move and provide all the necessary information.

This guarantee is aimed at reducing stress and ensuring that your energy needs are met promptly during the moving process.


ENGIE - formerly known as Simply Energy - is a fast-growing energy company in Australia and has been going since 2005. It offers electricity in NSW, QLD, SA, and VIC, with gas plans in VIC, NSW, SA, and WA.

ENGIE's name change reflects a focus on renewable energy and a goal of net-zero emissions by 2045, aligning with Australia's cleaner energy shift.

ENGIE: Existing customer connections

Getting connected to your ENGIE service after you move is easy - you can do it in the three steps below:

  • Start by providing ENGIE with the details of your current and new residence. Having your customer number ready will speed up the process.
  • Choose the plan that fits your needs best.
  • That's it! ENGIE will handle everything else.

ENGIE: Moving Home Guarantee

Existing customers can count on ENGIE to get their gas and/or electricity connection completed within three business days in their new home. If ENGIE misses its connection deadline, existing customers receive a $500 credit on their initial bill.

If you schedule your move online before 1pm on a weekday (excluding public holidays) and ensure clear and safe access to the meter with no ongoing electrical or gas work at the property, ENGIE guarantees to have your electricity and/or gas connected by the agreed date.

Contact Compare Energy

If you want to https://www.compareenergy.com.au/knowledge-centre/energy/how-to-switch-energy-supplier when you move, the best thing that you can do is contact the team at Compare Energy. We’ll get you connected to your new energy provider in time for your new move.