Moving Home - How to make sure your electricity and gas is connected on time

Moving House & Arranging Energy Utilities


Moving house can be very exciting but it can also be very stressful. A move requires taking a lot of time and effort to transfer living requirements from your existing home to your new home. And at the top of that list is the need to transfer your energy utilities.


Making sure that the energy utilities in your new home are up and running by the time you move in is essential for your comfort and your wallet:


  • If your new home doesn’t have existing connections, you might find yourself without electricity and gas for a period of time.


  • If you leave it too late to organise the connection you may need to pay special meter read fees to get connected faster or outside business hours


  • If you fail to cancel your current home’s connections, you may end up paying for accumulated charges even if you’ve already vacated.


To avoid being in either situations, it’s best to make the necessary moving arrangements well in advance.


Before the Move


  • Search the CompareEnergy site for the best energy deals in your new address. Simply type in your new postcode or suburb  to view your retailer and plan options.


  • Choose the plan you like.


If you move in into a house before choosing an energy plan, the retailer will often set up the standard plan as the default plan. The standard plan is often the most expensive.


  • Contact CompareEnergy to arrange the switch to your desired retailer and plan.


We will manage the entire energy utility moving process, eliminating the hassle and paperwork from your end.


With one week to go, make sure you go through the CompareEnergy Moving House Checklist. Apart from energy utilities, the checklist also gives you the option to let us organise your broadband connection through our partner CompareBroadband, if needed.


We’ll need at least three business days to complete the connection process. However, the sooner you could advise us of the moving date, the better.


Important Tip: If you’ve left it too late, call us to organise a fast connection. Some providers can help with same day or next day connections however there may be a fee.


  • Finally, contact your current retailer to inform them that you’re moving home and cancelling your plan.


Provide your new address to your current retailer, so that they can send your final bill there.


Important Tip: Check with your current retailer if any exit fees will apply.


During the Move


  • Before leaving your current house, do a meter reading and send it to your current retailer. Keep a copy for yourself as well.


  • Once you’ve moved into the new house, also do a meter reading and send it your new retailer. Also keep a copy for yourself.


  • Doing both meter readings will ensure that you will be charged only for the energy you’ve used in both homes, no more and no less.


After the Move


  • After settling your last energy bill with your previous energy provider, double check with them that your plan has been cancelled on their system and that you won’t be expecting any more future charges from them.