Red Energy: Moving house made easy

Ready to move house and need your energy connected? Compare Energy has you covered.

Whether you’re an existing customer or looking to make the switch, moving with Red Energy ensures a quick and stress-free setup.

About Red Energy

Red Energy is renowned for its excellent customer service, backed by an Australia-based support team, and offers special plans tailored for electric vehicle owners.

In collaboration with Qantas, Red Energy provides a rewarding experience where customers can earn 10,000 Frequent Flyer points for signing up for electricity plans and 5,000 points for gas plans.

Additionally, you can accumulate extra points by consistently paying your bills on time.

Red Energy: New customer connections

When it comes to switching energy providers, moving gives you the chance to do that. Once you’ve decided to move with Red Energy, you’ll find getting connected easy. Compare Energy can easily help you to compare plans, select one, and sign up online, ensuring all necessary details of your move are provided.

For Victorian residential customers, moving with Red Energy includes free standard connections for electricity and/or gas. When you switch to Red Energy on a residential plan or continue with Red at your new property, standard connection or disconnection services are included.

This comprises a meter reading for electricity, fuse insert or removal for electricity, and a meter reading for gas. However, certain services are excluded, such as meter installation, pit and pole reconnection/disconnection, applying/removing locks and plugs for gas meters, and truck visits. If you move out of your property and do not reconnect with Red Energy, a de-energisation fee will be charged.

While standard connection fees may apply in other states, it's important to note that connections cannot occur on Sundays or public holidays.

Red Energy: Existing customers

Once the moving date is confirmed, customers can contact Red Energy to arrange for their energy setup before they move into their new home. Red Energy takes care of all the necessary details, allowing customers to focus on settling into their new home and making it their own.

For customers moving in more than one business day, Red Energy offers the option to sign up online quickly or contact their award-winning customer service team for assistance with any inquiries.

For customers needing immediate gas and electricity connections when moving in less than one business day, Red Energy provides urgent connections. By contacting them before 12pm, customers can expedite their connection process, although additional fees may apply.

Red Energy assures a seamless transition, allowing customers to focus on settling into their new home.

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