Lumo Energy: Moving house made easy

Relocating to a new home can be a daunting task, but as a Lumo Energy customer, you can rest easy knowing that your energy needs are well taken care of.

Lumo Energy simplifies the process, ensuring that your transition is hassle-free and smooth before you even set foot in your new home. Whether you're moving within Victoria or South Australia, Lumo Energy provides the support and services you need to make sure your electricity and gas are ready to go, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

About Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy serves only Victoria and South Australia. Despite its limited reach, Lumo offers competitive pricing, often up to 23% below the reference price.

South Australian customers benefit from Lumo Rewards, providing discounts and vouchers from various retailers just for being a customer.

However, Lumo Energy may not be the best option for solar customers due to its lower feed-in tariffs and limited GreenPower offerings. Additionally, Lumo's renewable energy initiatives don't quite match those of its parent company, Snowy Hydro.

Getting connected: What’s involved

Arranging your energy service with Lumo Energy is straightforward. Once you've confirmed your moving date, simply talk to the team at Compare Energy about which Lumo Energy plan is best for you.

Lumo Energy ensures timely connections and provides continuous support, guiding you through each step of the process.

For new customers

New to Lumo Energy? Lumo Energy offers plans designed to meet your moving needs. Just choose your plan, enter your moving date, and sign up – it's that simple.

Talk to the team at Compare Energy before you get started. We’ll walk you through the options and talk to you about switching from your current provider to Lumo Energy for your move.

Existing customers

Existing Lumo Energy customers benefit from a smooth transition when moving.

Once you have your moving date set, simply choose your plan and update your new address via MyAccount or by filling out our online contact form. Lumo Energy is more than happy to manage the details, so you can concentrate on settling into your new home.

Get your lights on for moving day

If you're moving in more than one business day, you can easily connect your energy online within minutes or by calling 1300 115 866. Standard connection charges may apply, but Victorian customers benefit from free standard moves when signing up for a Lumo residential plan, with no standard connection fees for electricity or gas.

Existing Lumo customers also enjoy waived standard disconnection charges when they move with Lumo Energy. This offer covers standard connection or disconnection, meter readings for both electricity and gas, and fuse insert or removal for electricity when you switch to or continue with a Lumo residential plan at your new address under the same account number.

It excludes any meter installation, pit and pole reconnection/disconnection, applying/removing locks and plugs for gas meters, and truck visits. If you move out without reconnecting with Lumo, a de-energisation fee will apply, but this offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Need an urgent connection?

Lumo Energy offers customers the option for an urgent connection. Lumo Energy understands that life can be unpredictable, which is why it offers urgent connections for gas and electricity when you need to move quickly.

If you need to move in less than one business day, all you have to do is call before 12pm, and the team will assist in getting you connected. For electricity connections made by phone before 12pm, service is available the next business day. Standard connection charges apply to business day connections, with additional fees for urgent requests.

While Lumo Energy aims to keep charges standard, urgent connections may come with extra costs. When you call, the team can guide you through all the details. Please note that, like all electricity companies, Lumo Energy cannot provide connections on Sundays or public holidays.

Contact Compare Energy

Moving your connection doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you need help reconnecting to your provider or you want to swap to a new plan with a new provider before your moving date, our team is more than happy to help. Give us a ring and we’ll talk you through it.