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OVO Energy offers competitive energy plans with a focus on green energy and no overcomplicated discounts or unfair transaction fees. OVO focuses on green energy and ensures no overcomplicated discounts or unfair transaction fees. 

To help avoid bill shock, OVO applies bill smoothing, which means it projects your annual energy usage into 12 equal monthly payments. You even earn a 3% interest if your account is in credit. 

It’s worth noting that there's no mobile app for managing your plan, and some move-in fees might apply. 

Interested in supporting renewable energy and managing your electricity usage effectively? Contact Compare Energy to discuss OVO Energy plans and connect to the best electricity plan.



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✅ $50 welcome credit

✅ Chance to win a Tesla Model 3 when you switch to OVO Energy 
(offer runs from 1st July - 31st  August 2023)

✅ Bill Smoothing, including 3% interest if your account is in credit

✅ Competitive electricity prices

✅ GreenPower option available

✅ Plan Zero Initiative for Carbon Neutral Energy

✅ Charity partnership with Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

❌ Does not offer gas plans

❌ Move-in fees apply

OVO Energy Plans

With roots in the UK, OVO Energy has grown into a reputable name in the energy sector for focusing on excellent service and affordable pricing. Since its Australian debut in 2019, OVO has adhered to its green approach, a commitment evident in its energy plans.

OVO Energy's Australian plans present an attractive proposition for homeowners seeking cost-effective solutions to meet their energy requirements. These plans integrate key benefits such as smooth monthly bills, renewable energy, and unique reward mechanisms that potentially attract savvy consumers.

If you’re wondering what services OVO Energy offers in your state, we’ve summarised what you can expect to find from OVO Energy in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, NT, TAS and WA.


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The One Plan

The One Plan is a fitting choice for consumers seeking flexibility and value. The plan includes no transaction or exit fees and a $50 welcome credit. 

OVO Energy employs a smart 'bill smoothing' approach with this plan - an annual prediction of your energy usage based on your home size and past energy usage, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. 

This feature helps you avoid bill shock, ensuring you neither overpay or underpay by the end of the year.

OVO Energy also offers a 3% interest rate if your account maintains a credit balance, rewarding your good financial management. While these features are advantageous, the absence of a dedicated mobile app for managing your plan may be considered a drawback by some tech-savvy consumers.

The Solar Plan

If you have rooftop solar panels , OVO Energy's Solar Plan is an enticing proposition. The Solar Plan, billed monthly, offers a fixed direct debit and an attractive feed-in tariff of 14c/kWh for the first 4000kWh/year, with 7c/kWh paid for any additional electricity exported on the Solar Plan+.

This plan also comes with a $50 welcome credit (paid in 12 monthly instalments of $4.17). With flexible payment options like Bpay, Direct Debit, or credit/debit card and the 3% OVO Interest Reward for credit balances, managing your electricity account has never been easier. 

The Solar Plan also boasts an eco-conscious edge, with OVO Energy being a Climate Active member and contributing to global tree-planting efforts.

However, similar to the One Plan, the lack of a dedicated mobile app could be a potential downside for some customers.

To leverage the benefits of OVO Energy plans, access your MyOVO account. Customers can efficiently manage their energy usage and electricity bills with daily updated usage graphs, bill reviews, and exclusive offers.

OVO is committed to producing clean energy, which can be an important factor for many households. Coupled with its customer-focused energy plans, it presents a compelling case in the energy market. 

For homeowners looking to adopt cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions, contacting Compare Energy could be a critical first step to exploring OVO's offerings.

If you’re wondering what services this energy provider offers in your state, we’ve summarised what you can expect to find from OVO Energy Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia.

GreenPower Ovo Energy

OVO extends its commitment to sustainability by providing a GreenPower add-on. This add-on represents an easy and affordable way to transition to 100% renewable electricity for OVO Energy customers who wish to further their environmental efforts.

Costing less than 5¢/kWh, the GreenPower add-on is government-accredited and designed to support green energy development. Customers can shift their electricity usage towards certified green energy with no net greenhouse gas emissions.

By choosing the GreenPower add-on, customers directly contribute to Australia's renewable future. An equal amount of energy is injected into the grid for every kWh of electricity used. This not only assists GreenPower-accredited generators in competing with fossil fuel generators but also ensures that a large portion of the premium paid for GreenPower flows directly back to these generators by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates.

The GreenPower program, managed by the government, independently audits OVO yearly to guarantee these claims. This auditing process uses nationally recognised standards to estimate the amount of emissions created by each activity, measured in tonnes per CO2 equivalent.

Switching to GreenPower with OVO Energy offers flexibility, as customers can upgrade or cancel anytime, providing an accessible way to take meaningful action towards protecting the environment.

OVO Energy Bill Smoothing

With energy consumption often fluctuating based on seasonality, OVO Energy introduced bill smoothing as a solution designed to provide a consistent monthly expense, eliminating the surprise of hefty bills during peak periods. This approach helps you in your budget planning, removing the fear of sudden, substantial charges when energy use spikes.

Here's how it works. OVO Energy calculates your projected annual energy usage, influenced by factors such as your home size and your historical energy consumption data. This yearly energy cost is then divided by 12, providing an 'average' figure, which is your monthly Direct Debit amount. This is the essence of bill smoothing – levelling out your payments to prevent sharp rises or falls.

OVO also rewards customer accounts that are in credit upon receiving actual usage figures by paying 3% interest on this balance. The good news is that interest won’t be charged on what is due upon settlement for those in debt.

This is the beauty of bill smoothing – it ensures that your account balance remains stable, with the aim of ending each annual cycle without overpayments or underpayments. 

Is OVO Energy Green?

OVO Energy is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and it actively promotes the use of greener energy sources like solar power. 

Additionally, OVO is working on developing new green technologies that will help to further reduce its impact on the environment. With affordable plans and flexible payment options available, OVO makes switching to clean, renewable electricity easily.

Supporting clean energy, like wind and solar power, is central to OVO’s mission of creating a cleaner energy future. Through its extensive involvement in the green energy community and partnerships with organisations such as RE100, Rocky Mountain Institute and WWF, OVO aims to actively promote these technologies throughout Australia.

If you're concerned about your carbon footprint or want to help the environment, switching to OVO can help you make a difference.

How to Switch to OVO 

Switching to OVO with Compare Energy is a straightforward process that could lead to significant savings on your energy bills, particularly for those who prioritise green energy. 

As an energy provider, OVO Energy offers well-structured plans and a commitment to renewable energy generators that may appeal to a residential customer.

To begin, simply give Compare Energy a call directly at 1300 986 359. Our dedicated team is available to guide you through comparing energy plans, including those offered by OVO. They can provide valuable insights about each plan's potential benefits and considerations, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your energy usage and preferences.

Should you decide to switch to OVO Energy, rest assured the transition process is easy and hassle-free. OVO Energy takes care of the switching process, meaning there's no need for you to contact your current provider. Furthermore, there is no interruption to your power supply during the switch.

With Compare Energy, you have a partner committed to helping you navigate the energy market. Contact us and start your journey towards finding an energy plan that suits your needs today.

OVO Contact Information & Billing Details

If you ever need to contact OVO Energy to assist with your account or have questions about their electricity plans, here are some helpful resources:

OVO Energy Contact Information

Depending on where you live and the service you need, OVO Energy may have multiple options for contacting them. See below for more details:

OVO Energy Billing Information

OVO is 100% paperless; it relies on an online approach for billing and payments. The retailer no longer sends out paper bills; however, if customers are interested, they can ask for a large bill format to be sent electronically to their desired email address.

Signing up for a direct debit plan allows you to maximise the benefits and value of their rates. However, if you prefer manual bill payment, OVO offers alternative plans that support this option, although these plans may have slightly higher fees.


Currently, OVO Energy customers can manage their electricity account through the online platform ‘MyOVO’. This can be accessed via the OVO Energy website and used to manage direct debit payments, see bill history, and maintain account information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns OVO Energy?

OVO Energy is part of OVO Group, which in turn is a subsidiary of Imagination Industries Ltd. Stephen Fitzpatrick is the owner of the holding company.

  • Does OVO Energy Do Gas?

OVO doesn’t offer gas plans. If you need a gas connection, you can find a full range of options using our comparison tool above or call our experts through our hotline.

  • How to Pay OVO Energy Bill?

You can pay your OVO Energy bill using various methods, including direct debit, bank card (online or over the phone), bank transfer, or by using a paying-in slip at your bank.

  • Does OVO Energy Have Exit Fees?

OVO Energy does not currently charge exit fees. However, this may change depending on market conditions and regulations. To stay updated with any changes, you can call us at Compare Energy.

  • Which states does OVO Energy supply?

OVO currently provides energy services in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

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