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Using CompareEnergy to compare gas suppliers near you takes less than 5 minutes. Just key in your postcode and gas usage details and you’ll be on way to finding the best gas providers in your area.


CompareEnergy has partnered with multiple gas providers to get the latest information on their plan offerings. We break down the key points of our gas provider’s plans, make sense of the fine print, and upload the data onto the site.


We are wholly committed to making the comparison data we publish online as updated and accurate as possible. It is our way of making sure that you make the most informed decision about the best gas companies near you.


The Role of Gas Providers


Natural gas is found in gas field and extracted from wells. They are processed to remove any impurities and sold to gas suppliers at spot wholesale markets, which are found at the major gas demand and supply centers in the country: Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria, and Wallumbilla.


The gas suppliers, in turn, distribute the product to consumers.  These providers set the selling prices and manage the customer billing and collections.


How Providers Differ


Knowing what to look for when comparing gas providers will make the process more straightforward and easy to understand. Generally, gas providers differ mainly in their:


  • Rate per MJ

  • Supply charge

  • Tariff block rates

  • Seasonal rates

  • Discounts and Incentives

  • Fees

  • Contract Period/Benefit period

  • Payment options

  • Provider features, such as:

    • Online account management capability

    • Customer service quality

    • Rewards or loyalty programs


All gas offers fall under the single rate tariff type - meaning the price is fixed depending on the user’s consumption. Some gas companies may use block rate tariffs where fixed prices are set for a specific gas usage bracket.


CompareEnergy’s Role


As mentioned, CompareEnergy has taken all the hard work of comparing gas plans for you. We pride ourselves in making the information on our site updated and very easy to compare.


CompareEnergy does not add on to the gas supplier’s retail prices. Our business makes money through the small commissions that we receive from our energy partners when we are able to assist them with a switch or connection. This allows us to keep our operations tight and our services free for our users.


Making the Switch


Once you’ve done a comparison on the available gas suppliers from our site, click on the choose button for your final choice, fill in the required details, and we’ll take it from there.  


It’s that quick and easy at CompareEnergy.