About us

CompareEnergy provides consumers with an impartial, comprehensive and free Electricity and Gas comparison. Independent to Energy Providers, we are a wholly owned Australian company. Put simply, CompareEnergy is here to help Australians find the right electricity and gas plan to best suit their household needs.

We know trying to figure out which energy plan is going to be most cost effective for your household is confusing so our comparison engine does all the hard work to determine from our panel of providers which one is going to be the cheapest for you. Our aim is to make the whole experience from searching the website to getting connected to a new plan simple and stress free.

The CompareEnergy website will always show you up-to-date information about the most competitive plans on offer from our panel of providers. We've constructed the site in a way to inform our customers of each plan's fine details, and placed them next to one another so that you can easily compare plan details. If you don't know what you want, you do know what you want, or you are simply looking for a better deal, our energy comparison tool will take you down the right path for your needs. CompareEnergy is for normal people; you don't have to be a an expert in the energy industry to use our website.

If you don't find what you are after on the CompareEnergy website you can call one of our friendly customer service staff who will help you with their extensive knowledge of all things energy related.